Roderick d'ENTRAC
Murder, sex and money conspire against the West in the underskirts of France
The book, the context, the climate and crisis of corruption today




 When fiction becomes fact

A thriller which foresaw the methods used by Islamic terrorists in Paris in 2015 and warns of greater dangers


“A non-stop, no-sleep read, in no-go areas of French power and corruption”:

US editor


A novel with many layers


The writing of PARIS NIGHT

An interview with the author


  Cast of key characters

Strong people with dangerous motives


Extracts from PARIS NIGHT


Secret Lives

 The plot and characters in this novel are entirely a work of fiction.

 Any similarity to people, alive or dead, is an accident of imagination 


Paris Night forewarned of “sleeper” Islamist attacks, the invasion of Crimea, a reform “revolution in France ... and forecasts an “Armageddon” yet to come   

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      Revenge,                redemption         in the heat of a  French summer

Journalist risks all for readers by resurrecting dangerous secrets

Scandals, conspiracies and skeletons at Elysée

 The Elysée Palace, home to   the President of France, has   long been a gilded centre of   power, nuclear, political and   sexual, where scandal and   conspiracy are regularly at the   garden gate, or in bed. Only   seventy years ago, a plot for a   coup d’état and the risk of civil   war led to the dramatic return   of  General De Gaulle to the   Elysée in the centre of Paris.

  Many of the scandals, turning   on vast and complex financial   fraud or  the “sexcapades” of   presidents and their private   lives would be unbelievable in   a novel.


France in crisis

   Reveals the decadence and   disillusions behind Macron’s chance to reform

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