Roderick d'ENTRAC
Conspiracy, terror, money, murder and sex, in the underskirts of France
The book, the context, the climate and crisis of corruption today




 A thriller

A thriller which foresaw the methods used by Islamic terrorists in Paris in 2015 and warns of greater dangers


"Read it from start to finish, with a few hours to sleep, couldn't put it down"

A former senior editor on a leading US newspaper who helped with editing


A novel with many layers


The writing of PARIS NIGHT

An interview with the author


  Cast of key characters

Strong people with dangerous motives


Extracts from PARIS NIGHT


Totally fiction, highly topical

 The plot and characters in this novel are entirely a work of fiction.

 Any similarity to people, alive or dead, is an accident of imagination 


PARIS NIGHT, Ukraine and Russia


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  Highly controversial

 A highly experienced journalist writes a highly controversial thriller, about highly sensitive secrets, sex, murder, love and scandals, revenge and redemption, in the heat and before the storm of a long French summer


Bed-hopping, back-stabbing 

The saga of how French President Francois Hollande dismissed his partner, journalist Valerie Trierweiler, in favour of actress Julie Gayet gave a new and bizarre slant to extraordinary tales of sex, adultery and security practices in circles around the Elysee palace in the last 30 years. In a novel, even in Hollywood, this burlesque drama of betrayal and histrionics would appear as unbelievable as did the DSK affair. That scandal forced Strauss-Kahn out of the top job at the IMF, ended his high chances of becoming French president, and opened the way for Hollande who promised to be a "normal" president. 


France: institutional,  moral and economic crisis

 When decay within the syste m breaks down and breaks up the facade of the Fifth Republic

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