Roderick d'ENTRAC
Conspiracy, terror, money, murder and sex, in the underskirts of France
The book, the context, the climate and crisis of corruption today

                       The author of Paris Night

   Roderick d'Entrac has worked as a journalist in France for nearly 40 years and has had a career spanning nearly half a century.

   He trained as an indentured, or apprentice, reporter on a weekly newspaper in Yorkshire, England, and then worked on the Reading Evening Post (where he was one of the first reporters at the scene of the IRA bombing in Aldershot barracks), as a reporter for the Daily Mail (where he was the first reporter to arrive at the scene of the IRA bombing of a coach on the M26) and as a political or lobby correspondent at Westminster for two daily newspapers. He also reported on the Yom Kippur war in Israel in 1973,

   Financed by a Times Trust scholarship, he spent a year, based in Paris, travelling around Europe to study the European Union and the project for a single currency: 20 years later he became an independent expert for the European Commission, advising institutions and businesses on strategies in readiness for the launch of the euro.

   Roderick d'Entrac retired recently as a deputy chief editor of a leading world news organisation. For 37 years, he specialised in economic and business information from around the world. and for several years at the height of the oil shocks in the 1970s he covered meetings of OPEC.

   He has studied economics, marketing, negotiation and strategy at several top European business schools, and has also taught MBA courses on economics, strategy and cross-culture management.

   Fifteen years ago he helped to found a French-language group of experts on policymaking in France and Europe, of which he is foreign editor.

   In 1978, he was co-author of a book on Nazi finance which provoked explicit threats at the time and still generates controversy.