Roderick d'ENTRAC
Murder, sex and money conspire against the West in the underskirts of France
The book, the context, the climate and crisis of corruption today

The eleven key characters are:

   - President Bardin: The old lion, fleeing demons, fighting to survive and deceiving allies;

   - De Beaucourt: Bardin’s “eminence grise”, “fixer” and guardian of skeletons and secrets;

   - Colonel Kirch: Beaucourt’s ruthless, compliant and ambitious agent;

   - Maretti: Interior Minister, scheming to usurp Bardin and be the first woman as president;

   - Colonel Mezrat: Weak, mean, ambitious, and manipulated by Maretti;

   - Titus Mallory: Risk consultant, broken by shame, bent on exposing “the system”;

   - Delphine de Daguerre: Lawyer doubling as femme fatale to undress a minister’s “suicide”;

   - Kir: Terrorist, scarred seductress seeking vengeance and respect;

   - The Lizard: The unknown killer, hired assassin, bred by betrayal in boyhood;

   - Leila Kournov: The girl with files on trafficking and embargo-breaking via the Balkans;

   - Lepol/Graz/Godunov: Balkan criminal, spy, broker for breaking embargoes on Iraq, Iran.