Roderick d'ENTRAC
Murder, sex and money conspire against the West in the underskirts of France
The book, the context, the climate and crisis of corruption today

True comments from real readers  


 “A novel of great force and perspicacity ... A privileged insight into the undergarments of the Fifth Republic” – John Tynan


“The book begins with several characters. Do I have to keep track of them all?” -- A reader in England.

Answer: No. The first page, headlined "Cast, before the storm", lists the important characters in the first few chapters as the main themes emerge from different directions. In all there are eleven significant characters, as listed here. At each stage, as they come together, the king spider in the web, De Beaucourt, summarises the state of play. The main role is played by France herself.


“The story is excellent, exciting, full of intrigue” – Edward Evans


“A fine piece of thriller writing” – Howard Brown


 “I read Paris Night whilst on holiday in France and couldn’t put it down as it is thrilling, feels authentic, and totally engrossing. It was a joy to read such a well-written book.” – Anne Fuller


“A gripping read that I didn’t want to put down pulling back the curtain of privacy which the French elite love to hide behind” – Pat ... (Anonymity requested).


“As a Francophile reader of many thrillers, I found this a terrific read in the mould of John Le Carré and Frederick Forsyth. The author handles skilfully a complex and intriguing plot, set in France, involving shady and corrupt dealings in the top echelons of French and international society. He introduces a broad range of fascinating and enigmatic characters: from President, Interior Minister; a shady, wily double-dealing fixer; hired assassin and high-powered women seeking retribution for past crimes and exploitation; old resistance fighters with the legacy of their networks.

“A gripping, many layered and all-too-convincing story of plots, counter plots, ever-present risk for the chief protagonist and his mission to foil a shady terrorist group threatening to bring exposure and ruin on the ruling elite. A highly recommended novel which deserves to find a mainstream publisher.” – Jane Valentine


“Brilliant novel, breathtaking action, superb writing, implacable description of corrupt practices in the corridors of power. Paris Night will be a solace to those who, in France and elsewhere, who strive to fight against corruption.”  -- Jeb, a Frenchman living in France

“From reading this novel, one gets the distinct impression that everything of import that happens in France takes place behind the scenes. What is served to the general public -- especially through news media -- is just a rudimentary sketch of what is really driving the country's very fabric. Some of it bubbles up from time to time -- I'm thinking of the complicated Clearstream scandal, and others:  A wake-up call to France that the life  we enjoy today did not come without blood and sacrifice: food for thought as the Resistance generation fades away.” -- Alex, an American-French reader living in Paris

"I have just finished the exciting new book by Roderick d'Entrac which I have been unable to put down. The author has a profound understanding of French politics (and culture) which provides underlying depth to the work. I consider it a ‘must’ reading for all those who are interested in European affairs." Rose Finkenstaedt, a reader in Paris.